Name: Aldona Uziębło
               Nationality: Polish

Email address: [email protected]


               2005 doctor of economics, University of Gdańsk, Poland
               2004 certified auditor
1995 – 2000 master, University of Gdańsk, Poland


since 10.2015 Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz
lectures and classes: Public Finances, Financial Law,  Accounting

since 10.2019 Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz
Deputy Director of the Institute of Law and Economics

since 2015 Association of Polish Accountants in Gdańsk
Vice President
Member of the Board

1999 – 2015 Gdańsk School of Banking
lectures and classes: Finances of Enterprises, Financial Analysis, Financial Audit,  seminaries; classes at studies: MBA, postgraduated, master’s and bachelor’s, also among European Union programs

since 2005 Association of Polish Accountants
specialistic classes of Financial of Enterprises, Financial Analysis, research of financial statements– for certified auditors, accountants, customs officials

2005 – 2006 Pomeranian Tax Office in Gdańsk
inspector in the paper of the corporate income tax

2000 – 2004 Association of Accountant and Tax Experts
practice and aplication to the certified audytor


2018 Utility of indicator analysis in the assessment of a clinical hospital, using an example of the  University Clinical Centre in Gdansk, Poland, co-author  Joanna Sikora, Ukraine
2016 Optimization of managing cash in the heating enterprise with using the model of Miller – Orr, co-author Bogusława Kopeć, Poland
2016 The In-depth evaluation of the profitability of a company with the consideration of the Du Pont model and causal analysis. Case study, Ukraine
Regulations of the market of auditor services in Poland – a guiding light or a warning
against mistakes?, Ukraine
2013 Operational activity in the cash flow statement and verification of the correctness of the
financial statement, Poland
2013 Including the investment activity in the cash flow statement and the verification of the
correctness of the financial statement, Poland
2012 Intentional distorting of financial statements – causes and examples, Poland
2011 Influence of creative accounting on chosen financial decisions of enterprises in the
personnel rating of the bookkeeping, Poland
2011 Influence of aggressive accounting on chosen financial decisions of enterprises in the
personnel rating of the bookkeeping, Poland
2011 Professional ethics in accounting a guarantee of the credibility of financial statements? – personnel rating of the bookkeeping, Poland
2008 Statistical methods in financial statements studies, Poland
2007 Accounting errors – corrections of the certified auditor and their influence on the financial statement, Poland
2006 The certified auditor as the institution of the public confidence – evaluation of the benefits from the audit (empirical findings), Poland
2006 Risk of examining in the measurement and the progress report
of enterprises while the audit of financial statements, Poland
2005 Doctoral dissertation: Market of audit services in the process of the forming of behaviors of business entities in the micro-and mezoeconomical scale, Poland


2012 The medal of the Committee of the National Education for the special service for the education and upbringings
2012 Silver decoration Well-deserved in the development of the Polish Accountants’ Association
2008 – 2011 Awards of the Rector of Gdańsk School of Banking for achievements
in the teaching work, award of students for the best academic teacher

credibility of financial statements; creative and aggressive accounting,
financial and accounting frauds, professional ethics in accounting